I Am Your Beast – Beta Demo

I Am Your Beast is a brutal and fast paced revenge thriller FPS where a retired covert agent doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do by his former bosses.

In I Am Your Beast you are a former agent of the Covert Operations Initiative who has been retired for the last six years and has a peaceful life off the grid. However, your former bosses need you for a job and they’re not taking no for an answer – so much so that they’re sending in large teams of soldiers to violently coax you out of retirement. This isn’t going to end well for them!

The high speed run and gun gameplay of I Am Your Beast is a little similar to Anger Foot, but with less of a focus on kicking and more of a focus on verticality and tactics. The levels are short, but have plenty of replayability as you aim for S Rank ratings and complete bonus objectives within them. Each level is then punctuated by a very well voiced kinetic typography cutscene, that really immerses you in the story.

It’s a fantastic FPS with tons of style, satisfying combat, well crafted levels and an engaging story. It’s like if Rambo played Anger Foot. Highly recommended.

Check Out an I Am Your Beast Gameplay Video Here

Download The I Am Your Beast Beta Demo Here (Steam)