I Can’t Escape: Darkness – Beta Sign Up

nt escape darkness

I Can’t Escape: Darkness is an exciting new first person procedurally generated dungeon crawling horror in which the dungeon is alive, and very much out to get you.

Being developed as a spiritual successor to the hugely popular I Can’t Escape on Newsgounds, I Can’t Escape: Darkness looks set to up the terror and trickery as you fend off the darkness in a vain attempt to escape the dungeon.  Your chances of escape are slim, as you sink deeper and deeper into a dungeon which is a living, breathing entity that will trick and trap you in a variety of sneaky ways.

Darkness is also a major factor in I Can’t Escape: Darkness, with you having to find light sources to fight it off, while the darkness becomes more and more deadly as you descend into the dungeon.  There’s a good chance that you’ll never escape the darkness, but you’ll have a frightfully good time trying!

Note:  Beta testers who give valuable feedback will receive a Steam key for the full game upon release

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