[I] Don’t Exist – Alpha Demo

[I] Don’t Exist is a cleverly crafted text-based adventure which explores themes of isolation, control and distraction as you try to open a door and reveal a startling truth.

Playing a little like a point and click adventure, but with a text-based interface, [I] Don’t Exist sees you typing out instructions to your shadowy avatar as they explore a strange forest. The forest in question is filled with strange things that seem very out of place – such as a shower, a huge block of ice and an anchor. You need to figure out how to use these things to open a large door in a tree that will reveal the truth about what’s really going on in the forest.

The pixel art animation in [I] Don’t Exist is fantastic, the text-based interface works well and the puzzles are well designed. It’s the strange game world and the reveal at the end of the current build that will really get you hooked though. This is no ordinary text-based adventure, it’s clear something very different is going on here. By the end you’ll be dying to find out what!

Note: The first thing you need to type is “Go Forward” or “Go Right”

Download The [I] Don’t Exist Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)