I.F.O. – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

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I.F.O. is a cheerful and challenging retro shoot ‘em up with a visual style inspired by classic Game & Watch LCD games, that sees you blasting swarms of aliens and huge bosses from your little airplane.

The charming nostalgic LCD-styled visuals of I.F.O. belie a surprisingly tough and addictive game with a wide selection of collectible power ups and upgrades. You start with a basic gun but can earn upgrades by collecting the aliens that drop out of blown up spacecraft, eventually levelling up to a grade 3 weapon that can do some serious damage. You can also collect one of the sheep and cows that the aliens are abducting to swap your weapon for a wide variety of weapons – from guided missiles to huge mines that you drop behind you.

You’ll most likely die quite quickly on your first few attempts, but stick with it and you’ll start to see some of the more weird and wonderful sights I.F.O. has to offer, such as the selection of cool weaponry and huge Game & Watch-inspired bosses. It’s a very tough game, but very addictive too thanks to its fast paced arcade action, stylish retro visuals and infectious chiptune soundtrack. A fabulous little blast from the past.

We have 50 I.F.O. Steam Beta keys to give away! To enter, just carry out any of the actions in the widget below, any action earns an entry into the raffle. Winners will be notified tomorrow. Good luck!

I.F.O. is Currently Available To Purchase on Itch.io and Will Be Available to Purchase on Steam Later This Month

I.F.O. Steam Beta Key Giveaway!