I Need More Room, Meow – Game Jam Build Download


I Need More Room, Meow, a short and charming point and click puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 37, sees you playing a bored cat who destroys a room, while also uncovering a fun little narrative about your owner.

You are a cat who has been brought to a new home. You are unsure why you are here, but your owner has left, so you must entertain yourself. You cannot see yourself – but instead can click on stuff on the screen to see if your cat-self can interact with it. Some things that you click on will move or change aspects of the house – like taking down the curtain. Other things, like scratching at the door, seem to just destroy the house!

Sometimes, you are able to find some things that link to your owner, giving you a bit of an understanding as to why you have moved and why she has left you home alone. Your owner seems to be going through a lot at the moment. There isn’t much you can do about the human world, but you can continue to destroy your house – maybe if you wreck it enough things will get better!

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Play I Need More Room, Meow Here (Browser & Win)