I Told You This Was a Bad Idea – Game Jam Build

I Told You This Was a Bad Idea is an experimental little text adventure where you chat to a computer terminal to try and figure out your history.

You start I Told You This Was a Bad Idea with no idea who you are or where you are and must find the answers by chatting to the AI in a computer terminal. You chat with the terminal by typing conversational phrases like “Who am I?” or “Where am I?”, and along the way the terminal drops little bits of info that you can ask more about. The more you learn, the more it becomes apparent that you and the terminal AI have history together and the world you live in is far from perfect.

It’s a short game, but it’s very well executed, with a chat system that feels like you’re having a real conversation with an intelligent AI rather than just typing commands into a console. This really helps make narrative more engaging and gets you emotionally invested in the AI as you chat to it. A clever piece of storytelling that makes great use of it’s text based medium.

Play I Told You This Was a Bad Idea Here (Browser)