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I wanna steal your wife

I Wanna Steal Your Wife is a fun massively multiplayer puzzle game where you break into other players houses to steal their wife, while trying to build up the defences in your house so that nobody steals yours.

The premise of the game is nice and silly, with you on a mission to become the best wife-stealer in the neighbourhood.  Gameplay is similar to The Castle Doctrine, with you breaking into others houses, trying to outsmart their traps and puzzles, making your way to either their safe to steal diamonds, or making your way to their wife to woo them with diamonds.

You also have to design your own house in such a way that will prevent would-be burglars/wife-stealers from making off with your stuff/wife.  There are a variety of traps, tricks and distractions at your disposal to do this, such as cats, dogs, pits and pressure pad switches.  You have to make your house as hard as possible, but you’ll have to complete it before you can save it, so you can’t just wall your wife in and make it impossible to reach her.

I Wanna Steal Your Wife is a silly game, but it’s also an intelligent one, there’s a lot of fun to be had from outwitting other players traps and planning your own devious house layout.  This game may not steal your wife, but it’s certainly capable of stealing your time.

Visit the Greenlight page HERE

Download the Beta HERE

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    • Yeah it’s certainly very heavilly influenced by it. The Castle Doctrine is probably the better game, but I found IWSYW to be more light hearted and more easilly accessable.

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