ICARUS.1 – Prototype Download


ICARUS.1 is a creepy first person sci-fi adventure set on a mining vessel that has been abandoned for decades.  There are rumors and conspiracy theories floating around about what actually happened on the ship, but all you know is that the cargo could make you very rich.

As you explore the eerily empty vessel you soon discover that the missing crew may have meddled with forces they don’t understand and all is definitely not well onboard ICARUS.1.  There’s a tense atmosphere as you explore the interior of ship, created with a very cool low rez visual style. You get a distinct feeling that you really shouldn’t be there.

There are a few blast door sequences later on that can get a little infuriating, but on the whole it’s a tense and stylish space adventure with puzzles, action and exploration.  You may enter ICARUS.1 looking for riches, but you’ll be lucky to escape with your life.

Note: If you get stuck, look for panels on the wall to open and activate switches

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download The ICARUS.1 Prototype HERE (Win & Mac)