Icons: Combat Arena – Open Beta

Icons: Combat Arena is a highly anticipated platform fighter that promises deep and balanced combat, competitive online brawling and an ever growing roster of fighters.

As we mentioned during the closed Beta sign up https://www.alphabetagamer.com/icons-combat-arena-beta-sign-up-steam/ , Icons: Combat Arena is a Smash Bros-esque platform fighter currently in development by veterans of the fighting game community and devs who have previously worked at Riot, Blizzard, Bioware, Sony and Twitch. It doesn’t have nearly the size or pedigree of Smash Bros roster of fighters but it aims to be a much more hardcore, skill based experience, with the devs promising “flawless online play, solid controls, balanced-yet-deep competitive gameplay, and an always-growing, colorful roster of blasters, bruisers, battlers, and brawlers.”

It’s a promising game that looks set to offer a focused and entirely skill based take on the platform fighter genre. The Icons: Combat Arena will be live between 11am PT June 29th to 11:59pm PT July 1st and players that join in during the Beta will unlock a free character for the full game upon release.

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