Icy – Alpha Download


Recently crowdfunded RPG Survival Simulator Icy is now available as an Alpha build. The game puts players in an Oregon Trail-like winter wasteland situation where the main character is part of a nomadic group plagued by hunger and uncertainty.

With the amount of variables factoring into an equation resulting in death, the hypothermia-inducing temperatures seem to be the least of anyone’s worries. Players will explore, hunt, and gather in an attempt to maintain their group’s health, all while watching for bandits and the nefarious Red Horsemen. These two factions aren’t the only types of people one will encounter in this world, as there are in fact friendly groups and the mysterious slave drivers who are equipped with the cleanest, high-tech gear. The game runs on a branching narrative directly influenced by player choice through conversations.

Starting off by creating a character, the player chooses a gender, portrait, and applies skill points in several fields from weapon dexterity to exploration and conversational skills. The Alpha version directs the player through the story for the most part, influencing the direction of play in order to give a more cinematic introduction to the game, however it allows enough freedom for multiple playthroughs. The dialogue is harsh and believable in an environment like the one presented in Icy. Not sparing brutality, the game features some graphic situations that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Exploring an area is made complete with a few options available to the player. Hunting tasks may be performed that consume time and may render favorable results. Different tiers of effort are present, spending the least amount of time puts the player at higher risk of failure or running into trouble, while choosing an option that takes more time is a much safer route.

Towns and settlements can be scavenged for weapons and supplies, though the method a player takes may cause harm to the character. For instance instead of picking a lock on a police building, the player may instead choose to toss a grappling hook up onto the roof, risking a fall but possibly finding good loot atop the building.

Conversations with people encountered along the way can offer a few things to the player. The story may take a different direction, allowing new missions to be unlocked, party members to be gained, or a reward assessed to the player. Finding new members to help the group can be extremely rewarding, however another mouth to feed can be problematic down the road depending on supplies.

Overall, Icy is a dramatic, intriguing RPG that succeeds in drawing players in with its ambiance and shocking them with the situations encountered in the game.  The Alpha is loaded with a good amount of content and a fair gameplay length, which makes the game totally replayable.  Wrap up warm and venture forth into the Icy tundra!

Download the Alpha HERE (Win & Mac)