IDEA – Beta Demo

IDEA is a wholesome top-down exploration game that essentially turns the real world into a giant sprawling pinball table filled with interesting things to discover.

Drawing inspiration from the short film of the same name, IDEA is a game that’s all about the journey. The game mechanics are fairly simple – you click on your bouncing orb to propel it in the opposite direction. You also have a limited amount of time and a limited amount of clicks to make your way to one of the exits in each screen.

The screens are all comprised of top-down Google Maps-esque drone footage of the real world and your orb bounces and rolls along the various roads and pathways within it. The screens are all connected in a large network and the exits you take determine the route of your journey. Along the way you can unlock new icons, collect ideas left by other players and you may even find one of the final destinations that end your journey.

It’s a very chilled out experience with some stunning drone-captured 4K top-down footage and addictive gameplay. The overall premise is very clever and there’s a real satisfaction to discovering the various routes through the city. Playing IDEA is a very good idea.

Download The IDEA Beta Demo Here (Steam)