IdleOn: The Idle MMO – Open Beta

IdleOn: The Idle MMO is a very addictive fusion of idle and RPG gameplay, with a massive array of stuff to discover and characters who keep playing while you’re gone.

In IdleOn: The Idle MMO your hero sets out to defeat a giant evil monster, but soon finds themselves banished to the depths of the world. You’ll now need to explore, battle enemies, complete quests, collect loot, level up, craft and fight your way back up to the giant monster. It’s a big task, but thankfully you won’t be alone.

On your adventures you’ll see other players, but you can also create multiple characters of your own. You can make them specialise in different classes, send them off to gather resources and even team up with them. And while you’re not playing all your characters will grind away for you.

It’s a clever fusion of RPG and idle gameplay that delivers some easily accessible RPG questing that’s perfect for dropping in each day. There’s also plenty of complexity and active things to do if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

Download The IdleOn: The Idle MMO Beta Here (Steam)