IDOL – Game Jam Build Download


IDOL, a rage inducing platformer made for the GM(48), is essentially an 8-bit re-enactment of the giant boulder scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, with you attempting to escape through deadly procedurally generated levels after stealing an ancient idol from a mysterious cave.

You have stolen the idol and must suffer the curse. This curse does not want to allow you to make it out alive with the treasure. No one knows you are down in this cave, so if you do not make it, everything will be in vain. Not even the brave have ever come back with the idol. You must avoid traps, run fast, and make it through the many rooms of the dungeon before you will be able to return home.

As soon as you take the idol, a huge boulder will fall and start rolling towards you. This rock destroys everything it touches, including the surrounding room. Each room you enter is different, with spikes, falling platforms, ropes to climb, and gold to collect. If you fall into any of these traps, you will instantly die and have to start the game over.

This game is ridiculously tough. The first five rooms are apparently easier then the last five but you’ll need some real skill to make it that far!  And if you’re a sadist who finds it too easy there are three difficulty levels to take the challenge through the roof. Are you up for the challenge of taking on the curse or will you find that it is all too much for you? Even Indy would struggle with this one!

Download IDOL Here (Windows only)