Idra and the Little Fish – Game Jam Build Download

Idra and the little Fish game

Idra and the Little Fish, a short and stylish puzzle exploration adventure made for the ADGD Game Jam 01, has you playing a tiny fish, exploring a mysterious underwater world.

You are a tiny fish who cannot talk, but can swim around the world using an unique control scheme that feels very fish-like – with you waggling your body left and right to move. As you’re exploring you come across fish-person, much bigger than you called Idra who’s trapped in a cage. She’s friendly and needs your help.  You’re a clever little fish though so you should be able to figure out how to release her and help guide her to an exit….

Idra and the Little Fish is a beautifully styled little game, the shading and lighting in this ocean world are captivating and it’s fun discovering the hidden secrets of the mysterious underwater world. The fishy fin-waggling control scheme can take a little getting used to but makes this charming underwater adventure feel that much more authentic. A fab little fishploration puzzler well worth taking for a swim!

Download Idra and the Little Fish Here (Win Only)