Igneos: The Last Phoenix – Alpha Demo

The Last Phoenix

Igneos: The Last Phoenix is a beautiful aerial combat adventure game that we first featured last may, where you control the last remaining Fire-bird who must reawaken a decaying world and restore the balance between life and death.

In the game, your phoenix has awoken to find it’s once vibrant world in a state of decay.  You must fly though the world, fighting the darkness, clearing away frost and ash to allow vegetation to regrow in real time, purifying the land permanently. It features a Metroidvania style of exploration and discovery, and aerial combat against carrion and crows, with a variety of fire and light based attacks at your disposal.

With the game already Greenlit on Steam, the devs have just launched a Kickstarter (with a slight name-change from The Last Phoenix to Igneos: The Last Phoenix).  Here’s hoping it’s successful, as we’d love to soar through more of this beautiful world.  This phoenix is very right.

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo HERE