Ignorance is Bliss – Game Jam Build

Ignorance is Bliss, a stylish phone tapping spy game made for the Ludum Dare 40, has you taking on the role of an overseeing AI that’s tasked with spying on citizens and attempting to identify those that are planning a revolt.

You are an AI, programmed to get around laws about spying on civilians. Now that you are created and briefed, the mayor can send you to spy on the population. You are given a lot of freedom – you can scan whoever you want, place a sentinel or bug in any house you’d like and record whatever conversations you happen or overhear. The mayor is afraid the people of this town are planning a revolt – and you must get to the bottom of it.

As well as tapping houses, you can record general conversations you have with people and present them to others. You can even scan various people and see if they have IDs or weapons. As you observe the city, you can watch how people move about and what goes on each day. If you find some good information, you can call the mayor or various other people in your phone and talk to them.

Ignorance is Bliss does start off quite slowly, forcing you to get used to the UI and the way the town works – but once more people start coming out and you identify popular buildings, you can get some juicy information out of these citizens. A super stylish spy game well worth investigating.

Play Ignorance is Bliss Here (Browser)