IIslands of War – Game Jam Build

IIslands of War is a very addictive strategic roguelike shoot ‘em up duelling game that sees you building a floating island, kitting it out with defenses and weaponry, then doing battle with other floating islands.

In IIslands of War (the sequel to Islands of War) you take control of a fully customizable floating island that you can build block by block and add an assortment of weapons and defenses. Your goal is to make it through 6 procedurally generated FTL-esque map zones, each of which contains locations to visit which can contain shops, treasure, forges, enemies, super enemies or bosses.

When you encounter an enemy you face off in 1v1 duels, in which you can control the height of your ship by pressing the thruster key (W) and fire an assortment of weaponry by using the 1-9 keys. Your weapons do modular damage to the opponent’s island, with you winning when you destroy their critical equipment (such as the core or the thrusters). When you win a battle (or visit a treasure location) you’ll be able to collect a wide variety of loot which you can then use to upgrade your island.

It’s a fun game with some very addictive build and play gameplay. It is handy being able to fire each type of weapon independently, but a ‘fire all’ button would be useful too as most of the time you’re just trying to unleash everything you’ve got at once. Visually it may not be the most spectacular game, but the battles can get pretty intense – especially when half of your island has been demolished and your critical equipment is exposed. Well worth checking out for some IIsland building and battling fun!

Download IIslands of War Here (Windows)

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