Iktsua – Alpha Download


In Iktsua you set out into the frozen wilderness as a young Inuit/Eskimo boy to hunt dangerous creatures and become a man.  You don’t have much to assist you, just a spear to hunt and a heavy cloak to keep you warm.  Your goal is to hunt down one the three mighty beasts – the great mammoth, the giant moose or the fierce polar bear.

It’s a stark but beautiful game, with a graphical style reminiscent of the N64 era, and a suitably atmospheric soundtrack.  Your journey is a long one, and you’ll have to hunt to survive, there are over 10 unique animals to hunt down, from penguins to packs of wolves.

All you have to hunt is one spear, so you need your wits about you, and have to be a good shot to stand a chance.  There’s a high risk in hunting, not just from the animals, but from the cold too.  To hunt you have to drop your warm heavy coat and chase your prey down, stray too far from the jacket and you may freeze before you get back to it.  The risk is high too, if the cold, an animal or hunger kills you you’ll you’ll be sent back to the last save point (cave), and they’re few and far between.

Iktsua is certainly not a game that will appeal to everyone, it’s a slow paced, solitary game and as it’s still in early Alpha, it still has a few bugs.  Hoverer, there’s a certain beauty to the game, complimented by the soundtrack, and you’re always aware of the fragility of your character and how alone he is in this vast Tundra.

Iktsua was created for a 64digits.com competition, top prize is a copy of Unity Pro.  You can vote for it HERE (Voting starts on the 8th of May)

Watch a video of it in action HERE

Download the Alpha HERE or HERE (Win & Mac)