Illuminascii is a great new FPS with a wonderful ascii text based visual style that features randomly generated content and roguelike elements.  It’s a very silly game, great fun to play, and like any good roguelike, you never know what’s going to happen next.  It’s probably best to explain what happened during my first game:

My randomly generated character, ‘Killroy the Gaunt Vegetable Wizard’, was wandering around admiring the scenery (it is an oddly pretty game) when a large blue ‘J’ set upon me, I promptly shot it a few times, and was told ‘you have killed a deformed burrito’.  I came across many such monsters, including a ‘ruinous water pistol’, a ‘pompus corpse’ and ‘lumbering hermit’, and completed a few levels, each time with a strange randomly generated cutscene playing.  I found another gun, a fruit machine, a vending machine, ammo and food.  I was doing rather well, until I got to an area similar to the one above, and was promptly wiped out buy a ‘lecherous motorcycle’ and an ‘aggravated bearded cat’.   ‘Killroy the Gaunt Vegetable Wizard’ was no more!!

You have to play this game, it’s still in early Alpha, but already in these early development stages, it’s 100% pure, weird random fun.

UPDATE: This Alpha is No Longer Available