Illuminate – Alpha Demo

Illuminate is an inventive 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you dual-control one character with the keyboard and one with the mouse as they make their way through a dangerous dark world.

In Illuminate you control one character with the keyboard much like in any traditional platformer, but you also control a little forest spirit using the mouse. The forest spirit flies around and follows your mouse cursor, illuminating the world around it as it does so. Both characters have their uses, and the two will need to work in unison to survive the dark forest they’re trapped in.

The forest spirit’s light not only helps illuminate the environment, but it can also attract enemies towards it (and away from your other character), it can activate mechanisms and it can make certain blocks appear/disappear. These abilities really come in handy as you try to make your way through the game’s cleverly designed levels.

It could do with a little more visual flourish (particularly for your forest spirit), but the core gameplay in Illuminate is a lot of fun. The levels are full of inventive puzzles that make creative use of your unique dual-character control scheme. A clever little puzzle platformer wheel worth shining a light on.

Download The Illuminate Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)