ILLWILL – Alpha Demo

ILLWILL is a wonderfully squelchy old school first person shooter with big guns and monsters that explode into chunks of meat and blood when you blast them.

Drawing inspiration from DOOM, Quake, Blood and Serious Sam, ILLWILL is a very stylish and comedically brutal old school boomer shooter. It’s still early in development so there’s no story in place at the moment, but it seems that you’re essentially a one-man-army that must blast their way through hordes of monsters that are up to no good.

The demo build of ILLWILL features one large level that takes around 20 minutes to play through. It’s a very well designed level that takes place in what initially appears to be a meat processing plant and has a nice mixture of secrets, fun surprises and plenty of monster splatting run and gun fun. There’s a nice selection of OTT weaponry (including a very satisfying double barrel shotgun) and they can all do some serious damage to the monsters.

ILLWILL isn’t due for a full release until late 2022, but even in these stages of development it’s an incredibly fun and polished experience. The guns feel great and the audio and visual design is superb. The monsters are a particular highlight – they have a lot of character, and the way their bodies splatter make them some of the most satisfying monsters to blast in video games! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The ILLWILL Alpha Demo Here (Windows)