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I'm Positive Game

I’m Positive is a powerful and emotional experience that puts you in the shoes of Tim, a young man who discovers he may have HIV.

One of the five winners of the Games for Health Game Jam, it’s a short branching text based narrative, interspersed with inventive mini-games.  You follow Tim as he goes through the testing process for HIV after finding out that his ex-girlfriend has the virus.  What follows is a powerful story, full of important (and sometimes surprising) information about HIV – some of which you’ll already know, some you won’t.

Treating it’s subject matter delicately but frankly, I’m Positive is an impressive game, in-fact the CDC is actually planning on conducting a study of the effectiveness of it in 2015.  You’ll learn a lot throughout it’s short 10 minute playtime – about HIV and about yourself.  Powerful stuff.

Watch Our Playthough HERE

Download I’m Positive HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)