I’m Scree! – Game Jam Build Download

I'm Scree

I’m Scree!, a wicked little stealth game made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you directing your tentacles eliminate the humans who have captured you.

You are an alien life form how has been captured by the humans and put in a laboratory for experimenting. Unhappy with your fate, you must use your tentacles to wreak havoc on the humans that have captured you. You must not been seen, however, because the humans are cowardly and will escape. Your tentacles are quite strong and can smash them in one hit – but you must be close enough to touch them!

You are able to move your tentacle through walls into the laboratories that the humans are in. Humans with a white coat are easy to eliminate – unable to fight back and only run. You can only allow a few humans to leave, if too many escape you will have to restart. Soon, they start bringing in stronger humans in yellow suits. These people have guns that will destroy your tentacle, so you must take extra care not to be seen. With only a limited number of limbs – unless you get more from vats in the lab – you can only get shot a few times.

As it was created in a limited amount of time, I’m Scree! is quite a short game at the moment, but it’s great fun, with unique scientist splatting gameplay and high level of polish. We’d love to see it expanded on in the future!

Download I’m Scree! Here (Windows & Mac)