Imagine Earth – Alpha Download

imagine earth

Imagine Earth – Planetary Colonization is a planetary colony managing game with a similar visual style to the upcoming Universim, where you need to raise thriving colonies on undiscovered planets. You build huge civilizations on untouched worlds while supply your peoples needs and protect them from threats.

The game teaches you the basics of how to build and protect your colony and take care of the colony you have created.  Everything you do has a consequence, for instance, pollution impacts your food production and buildings can have a positive or negative affect when placed next to each other.  There are also disasters in the game like wildfires, dying forests, growing deserts to make thing a bit trickier.  Also, as you work for an interstellar corporation, you have to achieve profit goals, meaning there’s a balancing act between increasing profit and the health of your community.

Download the alpha demo and check out the IndieGoGo campaign HERE.

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