IMMURE – Alpha Demo

IMMURE is a creepy hand drawn 2D horror adventure that sees you attempting to release tormented souls from a strange mansion with doors that lead into other dimensions.

In IMMURE you take on the role of Will, and investigator who finds himself trapped in a mysterious mansion filled with dark spirits and strange doorways. It soon becomes apparent that Will will have to explore the mansion and travel through the doorways to different dimensions. In these dimensions you’ll the use your investigative skills and a powerful crystal to unravel the dark secrets of the tortured souls that haunt them and decide whether you want to save or destroy them.

The current build of IMMURE features around an hour’s worth of gameplay and even in its current form it’s a very polished experience. It really impresses with its fantastic hand drawn visuals, great sense of atmosphere, intriguing narrative and clever puzzle design. Of particular note is the way the game doesn’t spell out the stories of the tortured souls, instead allowing you to piece together their story yourself by examining clues you discover while exploring. A stylish and well crafted horror adventure where the monsters aren’t monsters – they’re people living in torment and only you can set them free. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The IMMURE Alpha Demo Here (Windows)