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IMPACT is a beautiful minimalistic first person shooter/puzzler in which you must search for strategic weak points in structures which continually self-repair.

It’s still very early in development so can be a little buggy and will require a fairly powerful PC to run on, but IMPACT is already a beautiful sight to behold.  The minimalistic, cubic architecture looks fantastic and the effects as you take apart structures are very cool indeed.

Once you get to grips with the games mechanics via a small test area with a few little self-repairing cubic structures, you move on to bigger and trickier foe, as you enter boss-fight style areas.  These bosses are huge, moving, self-repairing structures, in which you must track down the glowing weak points and destroy them.  These can be very tough (particularly the second one), as the game does tend to bug out a little, but the core design idea of IMPACT remains impressive throughout.  It’s certainly one to watch, as this self-repairing cubic world is a joy to behold.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download the Impact Prototype HERE (Windows Only)

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    • Yeah the controls could do with some work. The devs recommend using a control pad, but Mouse and Keyboard does work. It’s possible to remap any keys you like in the unity loader if it helps. :)

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