In Other Waters – Kickstarter Demo

In Other Waters offers a clever fusion of exploration, problem solving and sci-fi narrative adventure as you take on the role of a diving suit AI that assists a biologist as she explores under the sea in a strange alien planet.

After her partner goes missing while exploring the ocean floor on an uncharted alien planet, Ellery Vas sets out in search for her. She’s using an antiquated diving suit that has an AI built in which can assist her. Interestingly you don’t control Ellery, you control her suit AI – scanning the surrounding area, plotting waypoints, examining local life, synthesising useful materials and chatting to Ellery using a binary yes/no system.

In Other Waters makes for a surprisingly captivating experience as you explore the alien world from an AI’s perspective. You don’t ‘see’ much of the world and its life forms other than the contours and the blips that show up on your sonarscope, but Ellery describes what she sees and your readout tells you about the lifeforms in more detail. It’s a great piece of game design that allows you to use your imagination to piece together your own vision of the strange alien planet you’re exploring.

The current demo build of In Other Waters offers around 20 minutes of gameplay and really impresses with its clever use of UI and intriguing narrative. Although you’ll never have clapped eyes on such an interface before, everything makes sense and it really lets you explore the alien planet in a unique way. An cleverly crafted deep sea sci-fi mystery well worth diving into.

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