In Sound Mind – Alpha Demo

In Sound Mind is a dark psychological survival horror adventure where a psychiatrist delves into nightmarish visions of a series of victims who were exposed to the a dangerous experimental chemical.

Currently in development by We create Stuff (creators of Nightmare House 2), In Sound Mind is a beautiful, disorientating and terrifying first person survival horror game where you delve into the lives (and afterlives) of psychiatry patients you were seeing. All of the patients were exposed to an experimental chemical which pushed them to their limits psychologically and it seems that you didn’t manage to save them.

The current build of In Sound Mind takes around two hours to play through and sees you exploring a strange apartment building that you’re trapped in, and entering into a memory that’s haunted by one of your deceased patients. Along the way you’ll solve puzzles, fight freaky monsters, get help from your cat and try to find some form of peace for your patient’s ghost. All the while you receive phone calls from a mysterious man who taunts you for your failures.

It’s a very impressive game that delivers a cerebral, scary and well told survival horror experience. The visuals are fantastic (particularly the ghosts), the puzzles are very inventive and the terror really ramps up as you play. It’s the dark and well crafted narrative that’s most impressive though. You could tell the story of most horror games in a single sentence, but In Sound Mind is a much more fleshed out experience, with lots of depth, interesting twists and some seriously creepy shit going on that really gets under your skin. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download In The Sound Mind Alpha Demo Here (Steam)