In The Dead Of Night – Beta Demo

in the dead of night

In The Dead Of Night is a top-down strategy game with tower defense elements that’s set in medieval times, where you have to gather resources and construct traps during the day to protect your village and its people when the dead rise at midnight.

During the day it plays a lot like an RTS, with you able to command villagers to gather resources by cutting wood, or mining caves for rocks and metal. These resources are then used to construct the various tools and traps to keep the village safe.  At night time, your defences then will be tested to their limits by waves of attacking zombies, who will (hopefully) suffer many a gruesome death through your carefully laid traps.

It’s an interesting blend of RTS and Tower defense, with a macabre storyline and satisfyingly gory ways to dispatch the undead hordes.

UPDATE: Download Link Temporarily Removed