In The Snowy Winter’s Wake – Beta Demo

In The Snowy Winter’s Wake is a cleverly implemented first person text adventure in which you ‘view’ the game world by moving your mouse, as you would in a first person shooter, with the descriptions of what you’re seeing changing dependent on what you’re facing.

In The Snowy Winter’s Wake is being created by the developer behind The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day and uses the same innovative custom built game engine as you embark on a perilous trip through a snowy mountain pass. The current build features around 15 minutes of gameplay and sees you searching for help after being injured in an avalanche, but there are also hints that there’s more to the mysterious valley you find yourself in than meets the eye.

As in The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day. the Icicle game engine does a remarkable job of combining first person exploration and text adventure gameplay. Meanwhile, the writing does a great job of fleshing out he game world and the 3D Audio design is superb (headphones recommended). A first person text adventure is a novel concept, but it works very well and is even being developed for VR – which will make for a very interesting experience indeed.

Download In The Snowy Winter’s Wake Here (Window, Mac & Linux)