In the Valley of Souls: Deluxe Edition – Game Jam Build Download

In the Valley of Souls: Deluxe Edition is a simplistic and pretty average looking platformer, until you find what the developer is really up too behind this normal-looking shell.

At first, it does feel like you’re just playing a normal platformer – jumping over areas, getting to check points and finding little word bubbles that then allow you to hear what the developer was going for while developing the game. These developer bubbles example development choices and what playtesters thought of specific levels. Soon, though, you’ll find yourself at a level that didn’t actually get created. And that’s when something weird starts happening.
In the Valley of Souls: Deluxe Edition is a really clever take on a small platformer. It was made for the Ludum Dare 46, and despite being made in just a few days, it’s very well written and polished in itself. Figuring out what more is going on with the narrator becomes a larger mystery and the levels get much tricker as you try to escape!

Download or Play In the Valley of Souls Deluxe Edition Here (Win, Linux, Browser)