Incarnation – Prototype Download

Incarnation is a mouse-controlled reverse roguelite, where you start with a fully powered up divine entity and have to choose which abilities to sacrifice until you are completely transformed into a mortal human.

In Incarnation you are an angel who aims to descend down through the heavens and achieve mortality. You start as an invincible being who can fly and eviscerate enemies with a single touch, but each time you descend down a level of heaven you have to choose one of your 11 special abilities to sacrifice.

Incarnation features a rather odd mouse-based movement system that takes a little getting used to. You control a light with the mouse, which your character is drawn to. You can use the light to attack enemies, but you need to do it quickly with fast dashing motions as your character is never far behind. As you sacrifice your abilities certain elements of your movement will be affected, such as requiring multiple hits to kill enemies or losing the ability to fly.

It’s a great concept that delivers a fun little bite-sized twist on the Spelunky-style roguelite platforming genre, with a very strong visual style and challenging gameplay. See if you can reach mortality!

Download The Incarnation Prototype Here (Windows and Mac)