Inch By Inch – Game Jam Build Download

Inch By Inch is a fun physics (and chemistry) based puzzler in which you try to concoct an antidote to the shrinking serum you’ve drunk before you shrink out of existence!

In Inch By Inch you take on the role of a chemist who has been using the lab equipment to make some coffee. However, it seems that the last coffee you drank must have become contaminated and caused you to start shrinking. Now you have to use your lab equipment to mix and refine your chemicals to create the antidote before you shrink out of existence.

Each playthrough of Inch By Inch has a randomly selected antidote formula and sees chemicals scattered around the lab in different areas. You need to search the lab for ingredients and the correct recipes to combine them, then use your equipment to concoct the antidote – all the while you will be slowly shrinking (which can make reaching the equipment on the worktops quite difficult!)

It’s a clever concept, that essentially transforms the game from a puzzler into a first person platformer as you play it. The more you shrink, the more inventive you have to become to reach the equipment – piling up boxes and furniture that will allow you to climb up and create your antidote. A clever little shrinking adventure that will really grow on you.

Tip – Knock items on to floor as they can be useful platforms when you get too small to reach the worktops.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Inch By Inch Here (Windows)