Incident at Work – Game Jam Build Download

Incident at Work is an eerie little VHS styled first person horror game where you witness some unexplained events while working the night shift at a tech company’s server farm.

In Incident at Work you take on the role of a maintenance engineer whose job is to ensure the smooth running of a server farm for a powerful tech company. Apparently you’ll “lose more than your job” if you screw up, but thankfully looking after the server farm is fairly easy – you just replace hard drives if they develop faults and reset the fans if they crap out. However, lately there have been some strange occurences during your shifts, so this time you’ve decided to use a camcorder to record what happens during what’s going to be a rather eventful night…

There’s a very deliberate slow pace to Incident at Work, which gives you time to explore the environment thoroughly and find clues that help you piece together the narrative – especially with regards as to what the company you work for is researching. The VHS visual style works well and it takes for a very tense and atmospheric experience, where a few words popping up on some monitor screens will freak you out more than any jump scare would. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Incident at Work Here (Windows)