Incubo – Alpha Demo

Incubo is a beautifully drawn Limbo-esque puzzle platforming horror adventure that sees a young boy lost in a nightmare as he tries to discover the truth about his family and who he is.

In Incubo you control a young boy whose father treats him badly and scolds him because he’s “not her”. You have no idea who this “her” is, but you may find out after becoming trapped in a nightmare full of evil spirits.

There’s a nice variety to the gameplay and puzzles as you make your way through the nightmarish world of Incubo. It blends precision platforming, stealth and puzzle solving in some creative ways, all while freaking you out with the dark spirits that inhabit your nightmare.

Incubo isn’t perfect – it could do with some more checkpoints, there are grammar errors and there are some sections of the game (such as the stealth section) that are a little too slow paced. However, it is still early in development and it’s easy to forgive these flaws when the artwork is so good, the gameplay is so varied and the narrative is so intriguing. A beautiful nightmare you won’t want to wake up from.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Incubo Alpha Demo Here (Windows)