Industria – Pre-Alpha Download

Industria is a first person Sci-Fi puzzle adventure with combat elements, which sees you traveling to dystopian dimension in search of a missing work colleague.

Set during 1989 in East Berlin, Industria starts with you returning to your workplace moments after it’s been evacuated by Homeland Security. Your workmate, Walter Rebel, has disappeared and to find him you’ll have to travel to another dimension, solve puzzles and fight robots.

Industria is still in Pre-Alpha stage of development so there’s still a lot of work to be done. At the moment the game world is pretty, but feels like it needs to be fleshed out with more meaningful interactions and useful objects/collectibles to collect. Also, the combat is very basic, just requiring you to walk backwards as you melee hit the robots that walk towards you. Some of the puzzle design is well done though and the game world has an interesting Bioshock-esque retro-futuristic vibe to it.

It’s still rough around the edges (which is understandable considering it’s a Pre-Alpha), but Industria shows a lot of promise. It’ll be interesting to see how this interdimensional adventure progresses.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Pre-Alpha Is No Longer Available