Infamy’s Lab – Student Game Download

Infamy’s Lab is a fun little puzzle platforming adventure where you use mind control on cybernetic animals to help you traverse your laboratory that’s gone out of control.

Created by students of PÔLE 3D, in Infamy’s Lab you take on the role of a mad scientist who has lost control of his laboratory. Your cybernetic animal creations are out of control and you’ll need to make your way to the control room to restore order. The animals will kill you if they touch you or shoot you, but thankfully though you have the ability to use mind control on them (one at a time), allowing you to utilize their unique abilities to eliminate each other and deactivate hazards that are in your way.

There are only two levels in the current build of Infamy’s Lab, but they’re very well crafted, with great level design, fun puzzles and a nice selection of cybernetic animals to control. The one weak point is probably the Mad Scientists animation, which looks like something out of a flash game (a few more frames of animation would go a long way). But on the whole it’s a very polished and enjoyable platforming adventure. A particularly nice touch is all the fun little easter eggs to discover, with lots of nice little nods to classic games, tv shows and movies. A great little mad scientist adventure you’d be mad to miss out on!

Download Infamy’s Lab Here (Windows)