Inferna – Game Jam Build

Inferna is a fun, fast paced and super tough open world arcade action game where you control a big ball of fire as it navigates a labyrinthine complex filled with baddies and bosses.

Created for the 8×8 game jam, Inferna puts you in control of a large ball of fire and tasks you with escaping a complex filled with deadly hazards and deadly enemies. You can fly around in the air and you have a boost ability which can be used to smash through destructible blocks and to attack enemies.

It’s a fun game, with responsive controls and a nice variety of biomes to explore, enemies to fight and bosses to dispatch. The only irritation at the moment is that there are no checkpoints immediately before the boss fights so you have to go right back to the start of the biome if you die (and the bosses are tough so you most likely will die). If you manage to stay alive though it’s a blast exploring and smashing your way through Inferna’s mysterious labyrinthine complex.

Download Inferna Here (Windows)