Infernax – Alpha Demo

Infernax is a beautifully animated and delightfully brutal Castlevania inspired retro action adventure where a young Duke returns from a violent crusade to find his land in the grip of darkness.

In Infernax you take on the role of Alcedor, a duke whose land is being overrun by grotesque monsters that have been unleashed by a mysterious book of great power. You must now set out and purge this unholy magic from the land, battling dangerous beasts and powerful bosses along the way.

The core gameplay of Infernax is similar to the early Castlevania games, with you exploring its large open world, battling monsters and yearning upgrades that will allow you to access new areas. It has some light RPG elements, with you able to upgrade your stats, buy equipment and complete optional side quests. It even has a day/night cycle of sorts, with different types of enemy appearing depending if it’s daytime or nighttime,

The current build of Infernax takes around 30 minutes to play through and is a fun little retro non-linear action platforming romp. The combat is fairly basic, but there are hints that it will be expanded on a little in the full game, with multiple weapons to switch between and some of the bosses do pose quite a nice challenge.

It’s a very promising game which looks set to deliver a classic Castlevania style adventure, while also injecting a little dark humor and lots of fantastic pixel art animation. The art style evokes the classic 8-bit NES era, but is far more detailed and the monster designs (particularly the bosses) are superb.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Infernax Alpha Demo Here (Steam)

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