Infini-Quest – Game Jam Build


Infini-Quest, a game made for the Procedural Generation Jam, takes the idea of a story based game to a new level, full of random adventures and funny stories.

The player begins by opening a book, but this is definitely not your average texted based adventure. This game randomly generates a story that is shown in the book that you open. The left side of the book contains your inventory and health, as well as your interactive options, weapons, items, skills, and dialog.

On the right side of the book, you are able to see your location as well as the things that are around you, things like a nervous witch, a tin can, a friendly cat, an over grown tunnel, and many others. You are able to drag things from the right side of the book to the left side of the book to interact.

Each time the player plays this game, new skills and options are generated. Interacting with this book creates random, funny stories. If you get sick of whatever is on the right side of the book, you can just move on to the next part of the story. Over time, you can even gain more options from the left side. With it’s embrace of all things random, Infini-Quest can procedurally generate some awesome and very silly stories.

Play Infini-Quest and create your own unique adventure in your browser HERE