Infinideer – Game Jam Build Download


Infinideer is the most brutal and hilarious game of Frogger you’ll ever play, as you play a deer causing untold chaos and destruction as it tries to cross a busy highway.

You must click and guide this happy, jumping deer through traffic. You do not just want to cross the road peacefully, however. In Infinideer you want to distract drivers and cause crashes! The more cars that swerve or crash, the higher the points you earn.

If you do happen to get hit by any of the cars or trucks, your deer will die an explosion of blood and organs. Your body is even able to continue to distract drivers for a couple of seconds, to earn a few more points. Each time you die, a colorful flash of symbols will bring you back to life. Do not question this. You are a deer and know nothing else.

If you do make it across both sets of highway, you will gain a bonus and be able to do it all over again! With it’s insanely addicting gameplay and over the top destruction Infinideer is a blast.  Dying has never been so much fun!

Download or Play Infinideer HERE or HERE (Win, Mac & Linux) – Download Recommended