Infinite Adventures – Pre-Alpha Demo

inite adventures

Infinite Adventures is a great looking D&D inspired dungeon crawling RPG with first person exploration in a similar vein as Legend of Grimrock and Dungeon Master, and anime-style artwork, deep turn based tactical gameplay and a blend of scripted and procedurally generated dungeon design (which do indeed allow for infinite adventures).

In Infinite Adventures players control a party of six, which can be created from 5 races, 10 classes and 190+ character art pieces.  The story promises an epic adventure as your characters attempt to defeat the massive 30 floor labyrinth, filled with a wide variety of deadly traps and enemies.

The mix of scripted and procedurally generated dungeons allows for an endless amount of dungeons to explore, and there’s even a level editor which will allow players to create and share dungeons with friends.  It’s shaping up to be a great old school dungeon crawler with modern production values and plenty of content to keep players busy (an infinite amount even).

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Download Or Play The Infinite Adventures Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Browser)