Infinite: Beyond The Mind – Beta Demo

Infinite: Beyond The Mind is a slick and wonderfully responsive 2D action platformer that draws inspiration from Shinobi and Strider as you travel the world, battling the forces of an evil queen.

Playable In single player or local multiplayer, Infinite: Beyond The Mind follows the story of Tanya and Olga, two young women who share a powerful bond. This bond is the source of their power, but an evil queen decided to abduct one of them to weaken their bond and stop them from destroying their army. You now have to take on the might of the queen’s forces, save your partner and put an end to the queen’s nefarious plans.

The current build of Infinite: Beyond The Mind features around 30 minutes worth of gameplay, with four large side-scrolling stages each of which culminates in a big boss fight. The pixel artwork and animation is excellent throughout and the chip-tune soundtrack is super catchy. What’s most impressive though is how fast and responsive your character’s movement is.

You don’t have a massive amount of abilities, with you able to jump, double-jump, roll and attack, but because your character is so nimble that’s really all you need. Your speed allows you to dodge most attacks and get the drop on your opponent’s before they have a chance to turn around. Your agility does make the game a little too easy at times, but it’s hard to criticize it too much as it makes you feel like an ass-kicking ninja.

In could probably do with being a little bit tougher, but Infinite: Beyond The Mind is already a delight to play. It’s a joy jumping, rolling and slicing your way through it’s charming pixel art game world. A slick, stylish and super responsive action platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Infinite: Beyond The Mind Beta Demo Here (Windows)