Infinite Desolation – Alpha Demo

Infinite Desolation Game Download

Infinite Desolation is a very impressive blend of top down twin stick shooting and survival RPG adventuring in which you attempt to survive after becoming stranded on a remote planet.

In Infinite Desolation you play a lone astronaut who has become stranded on a hazardous alien planet full of temperature extremes, bug-like creatures and robotic enemies. On the plus side there is a nearby signal that may lead to your rescue, but getting there isn’t going to be easy!

As you explore the hostile game world of Infinite Desolation you’ll battle enemies in fast paced twin-stick combat, discover outposts, scavenge for equipment, craft items, level up your skills and unlock new abilities. It’s still early in development, noticeable by some of the textures, environments and enemy models being a bit bland at the moment, but the gameplay is very smooth, the combat is fun, there’s a nice selection of badass weaponry and there’s a nice sense of atmosphere and danger as you explore the game world.

It’s shaping up to be a great fusion of adrenaline-fuelled twin-stick shooting and sci-fi survival. A run n’ gun alien blasting sci-fi adventure with plenty of depth.

Note: If you die you’ll go back to the main menu screen, but you can load a previous save to continue (and whatever you do, don’t touch the lava!)

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available