Infinite Dust – Prototype Download

Infinite Dust is a No Man’s Sky-esque open world sandbox RPG FPS that sees you exploring, building, scavenging and fighting to survive on procedurally generated, fully deformable planets.

In Infinite Dust you find yourself stranded, alone on a procedurally generated planet with a crate of supplies and a gun. Venturing out reveals a vast voxel based game world, filled with alien creatures and vegetation. You can harvest resources from plants and the corpses of creatures. You can also dismantle any small bases you come across, using the building blocks to create your own big base. You’ll also come across a handheld drill which allows you to drill through the planet’s fully deformable terrain.

It’s still early in development, so there’s still a lot that you have to figure out yourself – such as how the Assembler (essentially a crafting table) works. There are a lot of things you can create with the Assembler, including weapons, building materials and vehicles, but at the moment resources seem to be a little too scarce to allow you to do much with it. The base building mechanics are very easy to get to grips with though – allowing you to knock up a respectable looking base in a matter of minutes.

The current build of Infinite Dust does still have plenty of rough edges and will have its work cut out to differentiate itself from No Man’s Sky, but it shows promise. With a little more polish and a little less grinding for resources it could end up being the game everyone wanted No Man’s Sky to be.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Infinite Dust Prototype Here (Windows)