Infinite Monkey Autocorrect – Game Jam Build Download

Infinite Monkey autocorrect

Infinite Monkey Autocorrect is a totally ridiculous experimental game built in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 34 and #clonejamnathalie, the latest game jam in Game Jolt’s ongoing series featuring the work of prominent freeware developers. As such, the game draws its inspiration from the quirky and award-winning Nathalie Lawhead.

Infinite Monkey Autocorrect is based on the theorem that given a sufficient amount of time, a collection of monkeys could, at random, type out the complete works of William Shakespeare (or any other similar works of fiction). Interestingly enough, Infinite Monkey Autocorrect doesn’t opt to simply restate the theorem but instead emphasizes the fact that monkeys do not generally make good random number generators.

You “control” your monkey’s typing with the left and right shift keys. Press down on the left shift key and your monkey will press down on the keyboard with their left hand, and likewise for the right. The game uses some version of Google’s autocomplete search suggestions to help you form words. If you want to try to write out anything remotely legible, you’ll have to patiently wait for your monkey to hover their hands over the keys you want. Get overeager with your typing you may find yourself with nothing but a page of “ssssss”, much like in the real world trial that used actual monkeys to test the theorem. If you punch in a non-existent word three times, it’s game over and whatever you managed to write will be submitted to ever-growing text file of monkey manuscripts hosted on the developer’s website.

As an added cherry on top of its wonderfully weird sundae, Infinite Monkey Autocorrect has some truly funky music, so much so that we were reluctant to navigate away from the game’s opening scene. Infinite Monkey Autocorrect is about as entertaining as a room full of madly typing monkeys could be. And that is to say, very.

Download Infinite Monkey Autocorrect Here