Infinity Inc. – Beta Demo

Infinity Inc game

Infinity Inc. Is a brutal, bloody and very funny sci-fi puzzle platformer with inventive gameplay that revolves around you creating and killing clones of yourself.

The trouble all started when Corporation Infinity created the QMRD (Quantum Matter Replication Device) – a gun which can clone anyone or anything instantly. While the invention itself was pretty groundbreaking, the sh*t hit the fan when the technology was leaked to the general public – soon everyone was cloning everything (money, food, themselves, etc.) and the world plummeted into anarchy. This is where you come in, using your wits, your platforming skills and an endless supply of clones you must make it to the center of Corporation Infinity and find some way to put an end to this cloning chaos.

Infinity Inc. draws inspiration from Half Life, Portal and the works of Isaac Asimov to create a very cleverly crafted puzzle platformer with a fun sci-fi narrative and sharp humor. You can use your QMRD gun to create (or kill) one clone at a time. Most of these are perfect clones so you can just kill the original and continue playing as the clone, but occasionally you’ll spawn a weirdly deformed mutant that can be of assistance but must be sacrificed to allow you to continue your cloning capers. The action platforming gameplay is fun and fast paced, and there’s a wide variety of inventive puzzles – most of which involve one of your clones being brutally killed in some way.

The current Beta demo build offers around 20 minutes of gameplay and the pixel art animation, witty narration and inventive clone killing puzzles are excellent throughout, constantly throwing up new ways to use and abuse your clones. We’ll look forward to seeing more of Infinity Inc. in the future as it’s shaping up to be a a fantastic sci-fi puzzle platforming adventure with a wonderfully wicked sense of humor. Highly recommended.

Download The infinity Inc. Beta Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)