Infinity Wars – Open Beta Test

infinity wars

Infinity Wars is a good looking Trading Card game that takes full advantage of the digital platform, utilising simultaneous turns, beautifully animated card art and animated battlefields which are affected by player cards.

The gameplay should feel familiar to all trading card game players, but with a host of innovative ideas and improvements to the genre.  It features deeply strategic gameplay which is easy to learn but tough to master, with an endless combination of plays, requiring strategy, planning and bluff to triumph over an adversary.   There’s also a ‘merged deck’ mode which evens the playing field and eliminates any pay-to-win possibilities.

There are already over 300 cards, with new ones are being added to the roster on a regular basis to keep the gameplay fresh, and you’re also able to trade cards with other players.  There are also over 100 quests to complete, and there’s even a strange (but cool) crossover that allows you to use cards based on Star Trek: The Next Generation!

It’s a good looking game, with the transformable battlefield and wide selection of cards offering some deeply strategic and fun gameplay.  There’s also an added incentive to collect the cards when they look so cool in all their animated glory – set phasers to stunning!

Watch the trailer HERE

Join in the Infinity Wars Beta on Steam HERE

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