Inkulinati – Alpha Demo

Inkulinati is a very stylish hand drawn 2D turn-based strategy game where characters do battle within the pages of beautifully illustrated medieval books.

Currently in development by Yaza Gamer, Inkulinati delivers small-scale and highly tactical turn-based battles between beautifully animated illustrated medieval armies. In the game you take on the role of a Master of the Living Ink and challenge other Masters to tactical battles within the pages of medieval books.

The current build allows you to play as three different masters (a knight, a nun and a Yoda-eared master), each with their own unique liveries of fantastical beasts that they can dispatch to fight for them. Each Master is depicted on the battlefield and you win by dispatching the rival Master.

Ink is your currency in the game, with you earning some each round by not moving units and by collecting ink that falls on the battlefield. This ink can then be used to purchase different units that you can place around you and use in battle. They each have unique abilities, attack ranges and stats that allow for plenty of strategy. You need to act fairly quickly though – after a certain amount of rounds a fire starts to close in from the edges of the battlefield that will kill all that it touches.

It’s a very unique take on the turn-based strategy genre, with a fantastic hand illustrated art style and highly tactical small scale battles where space is as much of a currency as ink. A well crafted inky strategy game well worth dipping a quill into.

Download The Inkulinati Alpha Demo Here (Steam)