Inky’s Sleep – Alpha Demo

Inky’s Sleep is a beautiful, cute and creepy little horror puzzle adventure about a little cat who falls asleep and finds himself in a surreal nightmare.

Currently in development by tRipGlyPh, Inky’s Sleep is a very stylish horror adventure starring a cute little cat trapped in a nightmare. The little kitty will have to use its iunstincts, solve puzzles and evade monsters as it makes its way through a tangled labyrinth of its subconscious.

The current demo build of Inky’s Sleep takes around 15 minutes to play and features a nice mix of horror and puzzles. The Rusty Lake-esque artwork is beautiful (particularly the cat and the monsters), and the puzzles are well crafted. The only issue at the moment is that the pacing can be a bit slow (especially during cutscenes), but it’s off to a very promising start and you feel obliged to protect that adorable little kitty at all costs!

Check Out An Inky’s Sleep Gameplay Video Here

Download The Inky’s Sleep Alpha Demo Here (Windows)